Friday, February 26, 2010

Mural mosaic

Last summer I painted this 12x12 panel for a big mural mosaic project called Kunamokst, which was recently unveiled at the Olympics in Vancouver. The finished mural is formed from hundreds of panels by individual artists and depicts a mom and baby orca whales. My panel number is 203....check out the finished mural

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sketches from Raja Ampat

Salamat Pagi (good morning)
Here are a couple of little watercolor/ink sketches I did while in Indonesia. Still finding it strange to be back here, but it is nice to be home. Must get back into the studio!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back from Indonesia

Yeah! We made it back late last night
from Raja Ampat, Indonesia (Off the island of Papua) and 10 days on Sulawesi Island(Lembeh strait). In Raja we stayed aboard the Seven Seas live-aboard...diving through out the many islands. Brandon hasn't processed the underwater pics yet, so I just posted a few of the topside photos. We dived 3-4 times a day in the 83 degree water. The diversity of fish, corals etc. was astounding. It was a busy scene in that underwater city with creatures zooming in all directions all the time. We got to see a cave filled with skulls left over from headhunting days, swam through an amazing limestone cave around 200+ feet high filled with formations, hiked into the forest to see tarsiers, black macaque monkeys...and a huge python, dived among the mangrove roots (where we didn't see...although could have...salt water crocodiles), saw huge mantas being cleaned by tiny fish, saw the amazing octopus known as "wonderpus" which shifts shapes and colors in the blink of an eye, pygmy seahorses smaller than grains of rice. I ate every tropical fruit I could find including the very stinky durian fruit.
It was a great trip and an amazingly interesting part of the world
Salamat Malam for now (good night!)