Thursday, December 4, 2008

Couched upon stars

Yeah! I just finished "Couched upon Stars", the paint is still drying... I so enjoyed painting this "puzzle" piece. It has canvas panels of different depths as well wood moldings and fused glass accents all attached to one back. After painting many birds it was so nice to lose myself beneath the sea again. There is a bit of what I feel like when I dive, and my wonderful memories of playing with an octopus in the cold waters of Vancouver Island within this painting. I am spending the weekend in Ocean Shores, WA. I'll be dropping this painting off at Fusions Gallery as well as taking a workshop on sculpting cement!
"Couched Upon Stars", Acrylic on canvas, with
wood and fused glass accents, 25 x38, $ 1,765.

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valeria said...

Oh Melissa - she is fabulous. You are so gifted - i love all your work! Best wishes on your solo career.
love, v