Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Moonlight Serenade

I know, another raven! I actually started this the other day when I was doing a texture demonstration for 100 high school seniors. It was for Spokane's "Festival of the Arts" and I was the guest speaker. It made me nervous to talk to that many people, but it went very well and we had fun. Both the students and I learned from each other. They are now going to work on some of the techniques I showed them and create their own paintings. On April 5th there will be a show of their work at the Fox Theater in Spokane. I am excited to see what they come up with. So I finished "Moonlight Serenade" at home. I am having a blast playing with different types of texture, from molding paste to hand-made paper, to grout! Another fun and productive day.... yeah. December 2nd, 2008
Please contact me if you are interested in "Moonlight Serenade" 14"x 18" gallery wrapped canvas, $475. http://www.melissacole.com/ SOLD

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